Terms & Conditions- Equestrian Events

Horse riding is a risk sport.

Participants do hereby acknowledge and accept the following:

  1. That all sports activities have an element of danger and horse riding is no exception.
  2. That Participants may suffer serious personal injury, as well as loss of property as a result of exposing myself/my child to the risks and hazards associated with riding as a sport and I voluntarily assume all of the aforesaid risks and hazards
  1. The Participants acknowledges and accept the attached terms and conditions and in particularly, do hereby agree to abide by all rules and regulations laid down by the organisers, as amended from time to time and, in particular, Participants do hereby agree:
  1. Participants will wear a correctly fitting and secured protective headgear which conforms to current safety standards, suitable riding footwear and clothing at all times while mounted. For cross-country type competitions body protectors are required to start the competition.
  2. Participants will follow all instructions by stewards.
  1. Participants understand clearly that, by accepting the organisers terms I will be precluded from suing or otherwise claiming against the Organisers , Annaharvey Farm, it's proprietors or owners, from any injury, loss or damage whatsoever sustained and howsoever caused including the default of organisers or Annaharvey Farm.
  2. The organisers have the right without giving a reason to refuse admission. Admission can be refused to anyone deemed to be abusive to the organisers, participants or anyone attending the event.
  3. Participant have the required training and experience to participate at the level they are entered in. 

The orgainsers are the hunt/club running the event. They are responsible for all aspects of the event including the entries, administration, scoring, results and safety of the attendees of the event. 

Participants understand clearly the matters set out above. I also understand that it is not possible for the Organisers/Establishment to exclude or limit its legal liability in the event of an accident resulting in death, injury or loss but that this waiver form may be relevant in the event of any dispute arising between me (or my child) and the Organisers/ Establishment.

By ticking the conditions box I assume the responsibility to covey these term to the members of my team and in the case of children to their parents and family.

Most importantly we wish every on a great day of competition.