Riding Terms & Conditions


  1. The Proprietors and Management of Annaharvey Farm Equestrian Centre reserve the right to refuse an applicant permission to ride at this establishment.
  2. Accurate information on previous riding experience must be supplied before acceptance.
  3. Regulation headwear, footwear and clothing must be worn.  Headwear and footwear brought by clients may be examined by management for suitability.
  4. ALL instructions from management and staff must be meticulously followed in the interest of safety.
  5. Horses will be matched to riders in accordance with rider’s statement of experience.
  6. Riders are recommended to have Personal Accident Insurance Cover.


This establishment is approved and makes every reasonable effort to ensure the safety of the rider but in the interests of providing a good and reasonable service without fear of constant claims for injuries we do require the following disclaimer to be accepted as part of the conditions of riding at this establishment.

The proprietors, managers and employees of this establishment shall rely on the contents of this waiver form to avoid responsibility for any injury, loss or damage howsoever sustained by any person or persons(including the customer/rider) whether arising under the express or implied terms of this contract, in negligence or law or in any other manner arising, whether direct or indirect and including consequential losses arising out of any of the activities of this establishment or in any other way whatsoever.


Participants do hereby acknowledge and accept the following: 

  1. That all sports activities have an element of danger and horse riding is no exception.
  2. That Participants may suffer serious personal injury, as well as loss of property as a result of exposing myself/my child to the risks and hazards associated with riding as a sport and I voluntarily assume all of the aforesaid risks and hazards

Other risks identified:

  1. Risk of being bitten, kicked or trampled by horses, trapping fingers in stable doors.
  2. Risks of tripping, slipping and falling when leading horses.
  3. Possible risk of injury when carrying out any manual handling tasks, should incorrect manual handling techniques be used.
  4. Possible risk of injury should required personal protective clothing not be correctly worn.

Extreme care and caution to be exercised when undertaking any required tasks in the stable yard.  Strict adherence to company procedures and all instructions given to enable tasks to be carried out in a safe manner, wherever it is reasonable practicable, at all times, and wearing of all required personal protective clothing.  It is not possible or desirable to issue guidelines/procedures for every eventuality.  In the absence of guidelines, riders/grooms are bound by common standards and in the normal competences and responsibilities resulting from their position.

  1. The Participants acknowledges and accept the attached terms and conditions and in particularly,  do hereby agree to abide by all rules and regulations laid down  by Annaharvey Farm, as amended from time to time and, in particular, Participants do hereby agree:
  1. Participants  child will wear a correctly fitting and secured protective headgear which conforms to current safety standards (PAS015, BSEN1384, SNELL E2001, ASTM F1163, EN 1384, BSEN 14572), suitable footwear and clothing at all times while mounted. 
  2. Participants will follow all instructions meticulously.
  1. Participants understand clearly that, by accepting the equestrian centre's terms and signing this agreement, I will be precluded from suing or otherwise claiming against Annaharvey Farm, it's proprietors or owners, from any injury, loss or damage whatsoever sustained and howsoever caused including the default of Annaharvey Farm.

Participants understand clearly the matters set out above.  I also understand that it is not possible for the Establishment to exclude or limit its legal liability in the event of an accident resulting in death, injury or loss but that this waiver form may be relevant in the event of any dispute arising between me (or my child) and the Establishment.