Special Needs Riding

Therapeutic Riding Lessons


Therapeutic horse riding is a multi area intervention therapy which is used for children and adults with a variety of physical, cognitive, emotional and developmental disabilities. Therapeutic Riding has been recognised for decades to improve physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioural and educational skills as well as being a healthy and fun activity.

Horseback riding increases concentration and improves learning skills. Riders are gently challenged and are rewarded with a sense of achievement and experience a general feeling of well-being, better self-esteem and self-confidence.

The horses move with a multidimensional rhythmic motion that mimics the human movement of walking. This promotes strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and confidence for riders. Therapeutic riding often has a relaxing and calming effect on people.

Therapeutic horse riding has been used to help people with various areas of difficulty. The type and degree of benefit gained through therapeutic riding differs from person to person based on many factors such as the type and severity of disability, motivation of the rider and connection between horse and rider.


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