Hunter Trials (Annaharvey)


Hunter Trials are a cross-country competition run over an Eventing type course. It is designed to simulate conditions in the hunting field in a competitive manner.

The course usually consists of 15 to 30 solid natural type fences marked with numbers and letters with a red flag on the right of the jump and a white flag on the left. These flags  mark the extremities of the fence which the rider must pass through to successful clear the jump. Faults are awarded for refusals, circles and falls on the course. In the case of equality of faults time will decide. Some classes have an optimum time to decide the winner ,while other the fastest time is deemed the winner. Please check the conditions of the class you enter before you start the course.

Usual courses are:

  • Pre-Novice: an easy course approximate. 80cm high(most are 70cm)
  • Novice: A more demanding course .Max 1.00 m high
  • Open : A very demanding course. Max 1.10 m high


With in each course height there different classes including:

  • Singles
  • Pairs
  • Teams of 3 (novice only)

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