A Little Family History


The Deverell family have lived at Annaharvey since 1927. The fifth generation are now living at the farm.


About Our Farm

The Farm has four main enterprises that run the farm:

  • Equestrian - We have an equestrian centre with about 75 horse on the farm . We provide for tuition, livery, tack store and competitions.
  • Guesthouse - We provide Bed and Breakfast accommodation in our 100 year barn.
  • Crops - We grow tillage crop such as wheat, oats , barley and oilseed rape.
  • Beef - We rear beef steers on the farm. Calves are purchased at 5-8 weeks old and we rear them for approximate 18 months on the great Annaharvey grass. They are them sold on to the beef finishing farmers.